State Funding For New Albany Schools

  • State Support

    Every local district in Central Ohio receives more from the state than New Albany-Plain Local Schools. If New Albany wants to continue investing to maintain the average cost per pupil, the residents have to support it locally.

    Why are New Albany-Plain Local School District residents responsible for such a large share of the district's funding?

    The average school district in Ohio receives approximately 44% of their funding from the state of Ohio; however, our district only receives approximately 15% of its funding from the state. In fact, the $582 per pupil that we receive from the state is less than what even private schools are guaranteed - $1089 per student. Overall, New Albany-Plain Local Schools receives less than a third of the state support than we should receive according to Ohio's own funding formula.

    This occurs because the New Albany community is considered high-wealth and, therefore, its schools do not receive the same level of outside assistance as less wealthy areas. Additionally, the district has experienced explosive growth over the past fifteen years - growing from 1,693 students in 1999 to 4,814 students this school year. Despite this 284% increase in our student population, our revenue from the state has only increased by 36%. That places the burden of educating our students firmly on the shoulder of local taxpayers.

    New Albany vs. Private Schools 

    Public vs. Private

    The state is not going to help us. We are advocating to raise our funding to the same amount as a private school receives.

    We receive approximately $582 per student from the state through the funding formula, while private schools receive almost twice as much - $1089.