Where Does The Money Go?

  • Where the money goes The largest percent of the budget was spent on Instruction and Student Support (70.5%). These items directly impact students in the classroom and range from the salaries and benefits of the teachers, to materials and supplies used on a daily basis. Additional services that have a large impact on students include Special Education services, classroom aides, and guidance and library services.

    The Board of Education (0.1%), Building Administration (6.4%), and Central Office (3.6%) services all relate to the overall operations of the district and provide fiscal, business management and administrative support to the staff and community.

    The Maintenance (8.7%) area ensures that students and staff have a safe and efficient environment through custodial and grounds services. The Transportation Services (5.3%) portion of the budget supports bus maintenance and repairs. The Other (2.8%) category accounts for special taxes, assessments and transfers. The Extracurricular (2.6%) category accounts for contracts of club advisors and athletic coaches.