First Few Days

  • New Albany High School New students should not worry about what to wear on their first day, as there is no uniform. Students can choose what they would like to wear, provided that it stays within the dress code. Most students also choose to take a back pack with them to school to carry their books and binders. Most students choose to buy lunch from the school as there is a wide selection of different foods offered; however, many also bring packed lunches too. During a student’s first few days he or she can decide whether or not to have a locker to keep all of his or her belongings in. Many students rely on these, while others choose not to have one and carry their books around instead.
  • New students must ensure that they are being proactive during their first few days. Due to the large size of the school, most students will not be aware that another student is new and so will not know to introduce themselves. This means that new students should make sure to talk to teacher and other students in their classes to make them aware that they are new. There is a friendly atmosphere at New Albany, so do not worry about talking to people or asking for help.