Summer Programs

  • Summers provide a great opportunity for students to explore new interests, focus on topics not available in school, or to try new things. Opportunities are available to students in grades 9-12. While these opportunities are often thought of as resume builders they should be far more. Summer experiences are in essence experiences that will help a student grow and explore themselves as a person.Please bear in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of money for a great summer opportunity. Many programs are expensive, but community service can be free and often provide as much of a growth experience (if not more) than many summer experiences. We keep a listing of all summer opportunities that are mailed to us in the Counseling Office and students are welcome to peruse this at any time. We have also included several websites for summer opportunities below. There are far too many to list them all, but the first site will be a good beginning!
 - This site is a great first stop. It includes a huge number of different and unique summer programs locally and all over the country.
 - This site allows you to select a region of the country, duration of program, and other factors to find just the right summer program for you.
    Just a few various other summer programs: