Welcome to Grade 6 Band

  • Visit a "Band Instrument Fitting Night" in the Middle School Room on March 9 or March 15 between 3:45-6:45 pm. You can have an appointment to explore/handle/try instruments, ask questions, and obtain rental information.  Click here to reserve a time slot. 

    The following information will be useful for students as they determine what instrument they would like to select for 6th Grade Band.

    What instruments are in the 6th grade band?

    Band instrument choices for 6th grade include flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion. Additional instrument choices/switch options become available after 6th grade. Details about percussion instruments are listed below. 

    How do we begin to learn about instruments of the band and how to make a smart choice?

    Beginning Band FAQS

    Instrument Information

    Here is a video that Mr. Coon made for 5th Graders in Mrs. Lichtman's Music Class

    The Be Part of the Music organization has more videos about instruments, and a “matching tool” that may help you narrow down your list of instruments you want to try at your appointment with us.

    Testing instruments before choosing:

    Please come to a “Band Instrument Fitting”! Students and families are encouraged to try instruments before choosing, and keep an open mind. Some students try a few, and discover that one is particularly easier or more comfortable. We have a team that will answer your questions and help students try to make a best choice. Checking the links on this page may help you narrow down your choices before you come to your appointment. If you are not able to come to an appointment, please consider visiting a music store that specializes in School Band sales (such as Rettig Music or Music and Arts) to ask for an in-store fitting.

    Percussion Screening Appointments

    Students interested in playing percussion in Sixth Grade Band will need to participate in a "Percussion Skills Check" with Mr. Coon.This year, students will be able to do a screening with a Google Meet, since school access is limited after hours. If you are interested, please take about 6 minutes to view the video below to learn about the screening before you reserve a screening appointment time. This video is a demonstration of the skills that will be checked- you may want to start practicing!

    Appointments are available in 15-minute time slots between 6pm- 8pm on March 10, 16 & 20. Please use this link to reserve your time using the student’s school ipad. Please also use the student ipad for the screening. Thank you!

  • We have decided to sign up for band! Now what?

    When you schedule your class choice in PowerSchool, simply select the band option that also lists your choice of instrument.

    Please consider contacting a store that specializes in “Educational Music Sales” such as Music & Arts or Rettig Music for instrument sales & rentals, accessory items & band books, and instrument repair  information. 

    • Rettig Music (Dublin/Sawmill Rd.) 614-792-2100
    • Music & Arts (Westerville/State St.) 614-891-9008

    Both stores can help you by phone or in person, and both offer online shopping. 

    Instruments & Accessories

    For questions, please contact Mr. Coon at coon.1@napls.us or Mr. Falk at falk.1@napls.us.