Welcome to Grade 6 Band

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    The following information will be useful for students as they determine what instrument they would like to select for 6th Grade Band.

    What instruments are in the 6th grade band?

    Band instrument choices for 6th grade include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone,trumpet, trombone, and baritone and percussion. Additional instrument choices/switch options become available after 6th grade. Percussion (keyboard mallets and drums) may be offered to students who successfully complete a "readiness screening" with a director during the fittings week.

    How do we begin to learn about instruments of the band and how to make a smart choice?

    Here is a link to some Frequently Asked Questions.

    Here is a link to some instrument information. Kids will love to read this and see the pictures and videos!

    Testing instruments before choosing:

    Fifth Grade students interested in Band will need to decide an instrument before completing their registration. It is VERY advantageous to students to try some instruments before choosing. The fitting process gives students an opportunity to try the instruments, ask questions and determine which intstrument appeals to them the most. 

    Band Instrument Fittings

    We encourage all prospective band students to “try before you buy/ test drive” for several reasons. At a “fitting,” students will be able to try several instruments. Students will handle instruments and make a sound with the help of a music specialist.  We have found that many students don’t actually pick their first choice because they discover something during their fitting that actually responds more easily or is more comfortable to handle. Instructors will NEVER choose any instrument for any student, but you can count on guidance in selecting an instrument that should match the student physically and otherwise. The middle school band portal links provide many details about instruments and making smart choices.

    At School Fitting Options:
    Attending a fitting at school is convenient and adds the benefit of being able to ask questions directly from our band staff. Mr. Coon and Mr. Falk attend these fittings and can provide guidance about question related to the New Albany Band program. Also, you might see a friend during your fitting to add to the fun!

    Monday, March 11 from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in the Middle School room 157.
    Wednesday, March 13 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in the Intermediate School common space.
    Thursday, March 14 from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the Middle School room 157.

    Each fitting appointment is 15 minutes long.

    Click here to sign up for a band fitting.

    In-Store Fitting Options: 

    Rettig Music and Music & Arts music stores also provide fittings for our band families.

    • Rettig Music (Dublin/Sawmill Rd.) in-store fittings will be accommodated on a walk in basis, but appointments are appreciated- call 614-792-2100
    • Music & Arts (Westerville/State St.) Appointments are appreciated- call 614-891-9008
    • Both stores can help you any time and also offer online shopping.

    We have decided to sign up for band! Now what?

    When you schedule your class choice in PowerSchool, simply select the band option that also lists your choice of instrument.

    Here is a link to a printable instrument and accessory list for shopping.

    For questions, please contact Mr. Coon at coon.1@napls.us or Mr. Falk at falk.1@napls.us