Missing School Due to Holiday Travel?

  • Families MUST complete a Planned Absence Form if your student will not be attending school due to travel or other circumstances on any day that school is in session. This includes taking extended time off over the holidays and spring break. Whether it's one day, five days, etc. your child will not be excused if the form is not completed PER HB 410 stipulations.

    The completed form is required to be submitted to the building secretary of your child’s school at least one week prior to the absence.

    Failure to complete and return this form prior to the absence will result in the student’s absences being documented as unexcused and counted toward attendance threshold limits established by the State of Ohio.

    Students not returning to NAPLS after holiday or spring break MUST COMPLETE A WITHDRAWAL FORM. This form documents information correctly in order to comply with HB 410 and the Missing Child Act.


How can I check my child's attendance record?

  • Parents can log into their PowerSchool Account and click on “Chronic Absenteeism” to view the total absence hours their student has accumulated per month and per year for the current school year.

    Did You Know?

    A student is chronically absent if he or she misses as few as two days of school a month.



    While students sometimes get sick or have medical appointments, missing any amount of school can be harmful to their learning.

    • Excessive Absence = missing 38 or more hours of school in one month OR 65 or more hours in one school year with or without an excuse

    • Habitual Truancy = 30 or more consecutive hours OR 42 hours in a month OR 72 or more hours in a year without an excuse

    • Chronic Absence = missing 10 percent of the school year with or without an excuse

    If a pre-planned absence exceeds 38 hours in a month or combination of all absences exceeds 65 hours for the year, any absence above the 38 or 65 must be marked as unexcused.  By law, a letter will be sent home notifying parents of the excessive absences and requirement of medical excuse needed for all future absences for the school year. Without a medical excuse, additional absences will be marked as unexcused.  

    For additional information please reference ODE: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Chronic-Absenteeism