Rewards That Benefit the Early Learning Center

  • New Albany ELC Fundraising for our Kids

    Did you know?

    We earn $50 per family from Kroger Community Rewards® and over $6,000 overall from retailers!

    All money goes to enhance learning experiences at our school with cool things
    like author visits, cultural & technology programs, new books  family fun events!


    In 3 steps, earn money for our school through your existing Reward programs:
    1. Create an account online using link(s) below 
    2. Update your account to include school ID          
    3. Swipe your card every time you shop

    A percentage of your purchases will be
    donated by the retailer as cash to our school!



    1. Visit Kroger @
    2. Sign-in or Create an Account Online                                                                           
    3. Under “Community” tab, enter school ID: KJ588                                                    
    4. Must be update every April
    2.Log-in or Create an Account Online
    3.Within “Apples for Students”, enter school ID: 4399
    1. Visit Amazon @
    2. Sign-in or Create an Account Online
    3.  Select Charitable Organization: New Albany
    Products You Buy

    Last year, we earned nearly $2,000 from Box Tops and Labels for Education!   Box Tops

    Simply cut and collect all Box Tops and Labels for Education from products you buy each week, put them in a baggie and send them to school with your kids - we’ll do the rest!

    Campbells We will send home collection bags in September and January, but any bag will do! 

    Box Tops:
    Be sure to keep an eye  out for Bonus Box Tops which add up very quickly, and check for expiration dates. Ask your family, friends & neighbors to support our school by clipping and saving too… every little bit helps! 

    Tons of brands do Box Tops, like General Mills, Horizon,  Go-Gurt…etc.  View Full List

    Labels for Education: 
    These are a similar concept as Box Tops, but just associated with different brands, like Cambell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Prego…etc.  View Full List