Flex Credit


    Ohio’s ―Credit Flex plan shifts focus from evaluating student learning based on ―"seat time" to assessing students’ demonstrated academic and skill level or performance. The plan does not eliminate Carnegie units or ―seat time‖ requirements altogether. Rather, it retains seat time as one option and expands the number of options for earning credit by adding demonstration of subject area competency and structures that support it irrespective of any time requirements. With Credit Flex, high school students can earn credit in three ways, or in a combination of these ways:

    1. By completing traditional coursework;
    2. By testing out or otherwise demonstrating mastery of the course content; or
    3. By pursuing one or more ―educational options‖ (e.g. distance learning, educational travel, independent study, an internship, music, arts, after school program).

    Please see your school counselor for an application or more information. Applications are reviewed by a committee three times during the year.