Grading System and GPA

  • The school has a standard grading procedure (Board Policy 5421), as well as additional notations that may indicate work in progress or incomplete work. The purpose of a grade is to indicate the extent to which the student has acquired the necessary learning. In general, students are assigned grades based on test results, homework, projects and classroom participation. Each teacher may place a different emphasis on these areas in determining a grade and will so inform the students at the beginning of the course work. Any grade or average that ends in a .5 decimal or higher will be rounded up to the next number (ex. 91.5 rounds up to 92%) If students are not sure how their grades will be determined, they should ask the teacher.           

    Grading System

    A+ 97-100  4.00 pts.
    A 93-96  4.00 pts.
    A- 90-92  3.67 pts.
    B+ 87-89  3.33 pts. 
    B 83-86  3.00 pts.
    B- 80-82  2.67 pts.
    C+ 77-79  2.33 pts.
    C 73-76  2.00 pts.
    C- 70-72  1.67 pts.
    D+ 67-69  1.67 pts.
    D 63-66  1.00 pts.
    D- 60-62  0.67 pts.
    F 0-59  0.00 pts.
    Honors or Advanced Placement courses are given the following additional weight:
    • Honors: 1.1
    • Advanced Placement: 1.2 

    Grade Point Average

    To calculate the grade point average (G.P.A.), assign a weighted point value to each course grade and divide by the number of credits. For partial-credit courses, use the fractional value of the grade. For example, a half credit course with an earned grade of C would be .5 x 2=1. Then add this to the other grades earned for total points earned. This total is then divided by the total credits for the G.P.A. This can be done by grading period, semester, year, or for a series of school years.


    Grade Cards

    We believe that the cooperation of school and home is a vital ingredient to the growth and education of the whole child and recognize our responsibility to keep parents informed of student welfare and progress in school. Report cards are issued four times during the year, five days after the close of the grading period.  Athletic eligibility and academic recognition are based on the nine weeks grade in a class (Board Policy 5420).  *The Final Grade Card will be mailed home as long as all outstanding fees have been paid and equipment and books have been returned and/or paid for, etc.