Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Mejia

Mrs. Mejia is thrilled to be working with the English Language Learning department at the Intermediate School for the second year. Prior to being an EL teacher, Mrs. Mejia taught fourth grade for twenty-two years, twenty of them here in New Albany. When Mrs. Mejia graduated in 2000 from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, she was licensed to teach in all subject areas for students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. Mrs. Mejia also graduated with an additional license so that she could teach early childhood students. In 2004, she completed a Master of Curriculum and Instruction from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Mrs. Mejia received her National Board Certification in 2005 after a year-long portfolio and testing process. During the 2014-2015 school year she completed the process to renew her Middle Childhood Generalist Certification with the National Board for Professional Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Mrs. Mejia enjoys teaching all subjects, but reading is her very favorite!

Mrs. Mejia was born in Columbus, Ohio, but her family moved to Worthington when she was three. Her mother was a teacher and her father worked with computers. Mrs. Mejia grew up with one older sister and two younger brothers. When she was very young, Mrs. Mejia wanted to be either a marine biologist or a teacher. (She still loves dolphins and sharks!) In 2001, Mrs. Mejia married Mr. Mejia. He had immigrated to the United States from Colombia, which is located in South America. In Mrs. Mejia's house, both English and Spanish are spoken! Mrs. Mejia has two children, named Evelyn and Tristan. Evelyn attends New Albany High School and loves playing volleyball there. Tristan is a sixth grader this year and plays both soccer and tennis. In her free time, Mrs. Mejia enjoys reading, baking, and going for walks.

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