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  • The New Albany-Plain Local School District is committed to creating a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student. 

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New Albany Neighborhood Bridges

  • Neighborhood Bridges Logo  Since launching New Albany Neighborhood Bridges in the spring of 2019, our caring community has been able to help several families with challenges that life throws at you. You can subscribe to Neighborhood Bridges, an online anonymous system that will send email alerts when a family is in need. The need may be great or small. For example, a family experienced a re and lost everything in their home or a family needed a dryer because the dryer was no longer functioning. But the need could be as simple as school supplies, a winter coat, etc.

    Requests that come through Neighborhood Bridges are typically referred by our school counselors or an administrator upon learning of the situation a family may be facing.

    Learn more about Neighborhood Bridges New Albany at this link and join to support today. Add your email to the Subscribe box. You will receive an email
    with a link to click and conrm. *Please check your spam or junk mail in case you do not see the email reply. Emails are sent at 10 a.m. each day when
    there is an open need. Also, like their Facebook page.

New Albany Food Pantry

  • New Albany Food Pantry Logo  The district has an incredible partner in the New Albany Food Pantry. Periodically drives are held campus-wide to help support local families with a variety of food, canned goods, personal care and household items. The pantry is actually located in the district's annex building on N. High St. They are also under the umbrella of Healthy New Albany and items may be donated at the Philip Heit Center at 150 W. Main St.

    The New Albany Food Pantry not only serves families, but they are also a resource for many of our teachers and students as they provide educational programs around the topic of hunger, philanthropy and empathy for others. They invite classes to tour their facility and help students gain a better understanding of where their donation actually ends up to help a family. Learn more...