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    Morris Named High School Teacher of the Year

    Morris Congratulations to New Albany High School science teacher Greg Morris. Greg has been named the High School Teacher of the Year through the Educators' Voice Award!

    The Educators' Voice honorees are determined by popular vote from the online education community (similar to the People’s Choice Awards) and the members of the Academy of Education Arts & Sciences. Honorees who received the most community votes in their category have received this recognition. All honorees automatically become members of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences Council of Peers. Honorees are also entered for consideration as candidates for a Bammy Award, to be presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences in Washington D.C. on September 26, 2015.

    Greg was nominated for this honor by NAHS Principal Dwight Carter this past school year. “Greg’s work at NAHS clearly demonstrates what this award is all about, his passion for teaching, constant focus on innovative practices, collaborative leadership within the Science Department and throughout the building has led to many unique learning opportunities for students. His approach to teaching and learning exemplifies what it means to create a student-centered classroom, especially in a demanding AP Physics course. He focuses on teaching students to think critically about how to solve problems using the skills and experiences they gain by applying the scientific method. Additionally, he embraces different instructional strategies to meet the needs of today’s learners.”

    “This is an incredible honor and a wonderful recognition of Greg’s expertise, his passion for working with our students and his continued pursuit of powerful teaching,” said Superintendent Dr. April Domine. “I'm so thrilled to see his great work honored in this way, congratulations for this well deserved honor,” added Supt. Domine.

    About the Bammy Awards

    Envisioning a world that values education like it values entertainment
    The Bammy Awards is a national celebration of the value of education, educators and life-long learning. The honors are presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, which includes an eclectic cadre of leading educators, education leaders, education professors, journalists, editors, researchers, commentators, advocates, activists, visionaries and pioneers. The Academy is comprised of a Board of Governors, a Council of Peers and the executive committee.

    The Academy presents two honors in every category -- the Bammy Award and the Educator's Voice Award. Members of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International select the Bammy Awards honorees. However, the online education community, determine who receives the Educator's Voice Award by voting on the Bammy Awards web site for the nominated people, programs or organizations that you believe are making a significant difference in the field.