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    The excitement is evident as we plan for our new and innovative student-centered learning space, thanks to the generous support of the New Albany community. Using feedback from staff and community engagement sessions held over the last five months, design concepts have evolved into a learning facility that will serve students for years to come. 

    Join us as we build our future!
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    Building Updates: Our New Innovative Learning Facility

    • Spring is Here and Progress Continues!

      Posted by Patrick Gallaway at 4/1/2014
      Now that students and staff have returned from Spring Break, the work on the new learning facility and associated projects continues. As reported to the Board of Education on March 31, 2014, the building is really taking shape and the eastern portion scheduled for partial opening is a primary focus.  The interior classrooms are becoming defined, the innovative and flexible features of the space, such as the all-glass garage doors for classrooms are being installed and exterior brick work is beginning to be put into place.    
      Other exciting advances with this update include:
      • Work to the interior core of the building, seeing the rotunda take shape off the main entry.  
      • The STEM & Flex labs are in development in the central core, a feature that will eventually be available to students K-12.
      • The large green roof spaces are in development as well as the greenhouse that will be located in the middle of the building, second floor. 
      • It's time to Play Ball! - relocation of the softball & baseball fields is complete near the Plain Township Aquatic Center and ready for the season. 
      • Parking and improvements to traffic flow continue to be addressed with the city to remove cars from the cueing process on city roads such as Fodor and Dublin Granville Rd at the student drop off sites and entrances to school buildings.  
      Please view the latest PowerPoint shared with the Board on March 31, 2014.  

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    • Final Interior Design Completed as Work Continues

      Posted by Ray Cunningham at 2/25/2014
      The latest building update was presented to the Board of Education at its monthly board meeting held on February 24, 2014. Work continues in design, construction and site preparation.  View the full Feb. 24, 2014 presentation here.     
      Highlights include: 

      •Interior design was completed on February 14 (Detailed design plans available in report above)
      •Final selection for furnishings in the partially opened zone will take place in March, with furniture for remaining areas to be bid in Summer 2014
      •Sports fields are currently being worked on with completion expected in time for use during the appropriate season
      •The building construction is continuing with installation of concrete floor slabs and the erection of steel ongoing.
      ADDITIONAL AREAS COMPLETED FOR AUGUST 2014 (Detailed timeline available in report)
      •New bus loop
      •Reconfigured/renovated parking and student drop off areas
      •Play area and equipment south of new building
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    • Progress Continues, Building Begins to Take Shape

      Posted by Patrick Gallaway at 2/4/2014
      The latest building update was presented to the board of education at its monthly board meeting held on January 27, 2014. Progress continues despite the winter weather and bitter temperatures.  View the full Jan. 27, 2014 presentation here.     
      Highlights include: 
      •Approximate area completed July 30
      •Remaining building completed late 2014
      •Opening only areas as needed for 2014-15 school year to save any overtime costs
      •Removal of modular classrooms June 2014
      •New bus loop
      •Reconfigured/Renovated parking and student drop off areas
      •Play area and equipment south of new building
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    • Building Update - Interiors Focus

      Posted by Patrick Gallaway at 12/19/2013

      interior Thanks to all the great input we have received from students, staff, and our community members throughout the Fall, we are excited to share with you the "almost final" interior concepts for our new learning facility.  We invite you to review the current interior scheme for color samples for paint, ceiling clouds, rubber floor, tiles, and carpet here.

      We welcome your continued feedback on the color samples for paint, ceiling clouds, rubber floor, tiles, and carpet.  Please note that the furniture portrayed is for graphical representation only.  We do envision that flexible furnishings will be included in our new building so any reactions to the furniture illustrated will also be appreciated. 

      Please email any comments you would like to provide on the "almost final" interior concepts for our new learning facility to news@napls.us.  Feedback collected by Monday, January 6th will help us inform our final work with the interior designers.  Please continue to watch for updates in our district communications, on our website, or check out the daily construction action via Eagle Eye In The Sky.

      Thank you! 

      The latest concepts were shared this week with school board and the Facility Advisory Committee and are now online for public comment. 

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    • Update - November 11, 2013

      Posted by Ray Cunningham at 11/11/2013

      The New Albany - Plain Local School District is excited to continue to provide our community with our latest updates on our building process.

      Building Our Future – Watch Our Progress
      Partial Opening Confirmed for August, 2014
      Interior Finishes Design Development Revised for Board Presentation

      • Our project is on budget.  At its December 16th regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Education will be asked to adopt the Gross Maximum Price certifying that our new learning facility will be built with the budget approved by our communities.
      • Our project is on time to open the minimum number of classrooms we need for August, 2014.  As you may recall, we are building for our future and need a minimum of 12 classrooms to open in the fall to remove the modular units and eliminate overcrowding.  The partial opening also enables us to strategically redirect overtime costs built into the original accelerated construction schedule to benefit students within the new learning space, all while staying within the budget promised to our communities.
      • The construction crane arrives December 6th to begin the installation of structural steel on December 9th.  The steel for the new learning facility and competition gym will be fully framed by the end of February.
      • Based upon input from students, staff, our Board, the Facility Advisory Committee and our communities, interior designers at Moody Nolan continue to update the new learning facility interior floors, walls, colors, textures, doors, lighting fixtures, and sample furniture types.  We are very grateful for all the input received to date.  An updated version of the interior of the new learning facility will be shared publicly at the Board of Education meeting on December 16th, the Facility Advisory Meeting on December 17th, and posted for public commentary on our website.  Please join us if your schedule permits.
      • The learning facility will likely house students’ grades 2-8 while offering opportunities for all K-12 students.
      • The learning facility will be approximately 150,000 square feet, similar in size to the 2-5 school buildings.
      • The building will have a competition-sized gymnasium
      • Other campus facilities being overhauled and enhanced
      • New parking, bus loop and parent drop to improve efficiency and pedestrian safety
      • New facilities for softball, baseball and tennis
      • Renovated middle school football field, playgrounds, walkways and more.
      • Modular classrooms will be removed summer 2014.
      • Annex usage may continue based upon district needs.

       New Building Full Sketch
      Additional information about our New Learning Facility and Other Campus Renovations
      The new learning facility will provide the district the flexibility and space to accommodate our changing student population while we continue our work to reinvent education.
      For a deeper dive into the history and planning of the building, please visit Building Our Future. 
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