Levy Information - Issue 3

    Issue 3 New Albany-Plain Local Schools has placed an 8.9 mill combination levy on the November 2014 ballot - listed as Issue 3. A combination of a 6.9 mill operating levy and a 2.0 mill permanent improvement levy, Issue 3 is necessary to maintain our current world-class educational programming. Two years ago, the district chose a smaller request (with a much-needed bond issue), so the public could hold us accountable before we asked taxpayers to fulfill our total need. That time is now.

    It is our hope that the information found here and within the links to the left will help all New Albany voters become better informed with the critical aspects of the levy campaign. Again, thank you for your interest - if you have additional questions, you will find the necessary points of contact throughout these links.

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    Three Things to Know About Issue 3

    1) District Costs and Results

    We are an extraordinary school district, achieving above average results while keeping spending at the average cost per pupil of districts in central Ohio.

    Average Cost

    2) State Funding Basics

    Every local district in Central Ohio receives more from the state than New Albany-Plain Local Schools. If New Albany wants to continue investing to maintain the average cost per pupil, the residents have to support it locally.

    State Support

    *this amount includes the Homestead Rollback

    Public vs. Private

    New Albany vs. Private Schools

    The state is not going to help us. We are advocating to raise our funding to the same amount as a private school receives.

    We receive approximately $582 per student from the state through the funding formula, while private schools receive almost twice as much - $1089.

    3) Impact Without The Levy

    If the levy does not pass, initial cuts will be made immediately, followed by more extensive cuts for the 2015-2016 school year. Programs and services will be dramatically different.

    The Board of Education has directed the Superintendent to develop a list of what will be cut if the levy does not pass. That list will be made available soon.