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    NAPLS Board, Superintendent and CFO Opportunities to Connect

    March 19, 2014 

    The New Albany - Plain Local School Board & Superintendent, Dr. April Domine, have hosted a variety of public sessions to obtain feedback from the community and to share information on the overall state of the district including the January 21 and February 10th Board, Superintendent & CFO Listening Sessions and the February 20, 2014, State of the Schools/Town Hall Meeting.

    The following is an account of comments recorded from all of these events and the responses for each provided from the district.   Additional comments will be posted as answers are provided. 

    Responses will be added and updated here based on future Board Listening Sessions and from events throughout the year. Click on the question to view the answer.


    Operations, Campus Facilities, Safety

    Contracts, Staff, Teacher Evaluations & Professional Development

    Communications & Engagement

    Areas of Focus (Special Education, Gifted, Arts)



    School Culture, Diversity & Opportunities

    Innovation & Opportunity